Houses For Sale In Mansfield ISD

Houses For Sale In Mansfield ISDYou’re probably looking for Houses for sale in Mansfield ISD because you’ve heard about how good the Mansfield Independent School District is.  Mansfield ISD constantly ranks in the top 10% in Texas for test scores and overall performance.  Mansfield ISD has 46 schools with over 35,000 students enrolled and that number is increasing because of the level of Education.  Mansfield ISD has 6 High schools (five traditional and one STEM Academy), 9 Middle Schools, 6 Intermediate Schools, and 23 Elementary Schools. 

Mansfield ISD employs over 3,000 teachers staff that allows them to focus on providing an excellent educational experience.  This allows for a 16-1 student-teacher ratio which allows them to receive excellent ratings on standardized testing scores.  

Mansfield ISD has received a 7 out of 10 rating from top school rating systems.  Great teachers in Mansfield translates over to excellence in the curriculum.  

The Mansfield ISD “Vision 2020” Mission is:  “To inspire and educate students to be productive citizens”  Based on a recent survey of employees, a majority of the staff members enjoy their role in Mansfield ISD and the way the district treats them as a whole.  This recognition speaks volumes and shows in the classrooms.

If your child is interested in athletics, Mansfield ISD has outstanding athletic programs and many students have received athletic scholarships and top universities throughout the country.  MISD offers a well-balanced, comprehensive athletic program consisting of five high schools 2 – 5A high schools, 3–6A high schools, and six middle schools. Sports offered on the high school level are baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, powerlifting, swimming & diving, soccer, softball, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and summer strength and conditioning. At the middle school level, basketball, cross country, football, tennis, track & field, golf, swimming & diving, volleyball, and summer strength and conditioning are offered.

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Mansfield ISD Elementary Schools

Mansfield ISD Intermediate Schools

Mansfield ISD Middle Schools

Mansfield ISD High and Alternative Schools


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