Houses For Sale With No Closing Costs

Most people don't realize that there are several houses for sale with no closing costs.  The issue is, people don't know who to contact in order to find these houses.  There are more homes out there than one would think there is actually.  As a Hybrid Agent, the vast majority of homes can be purchase with no closing cots.  

The reason this works is; as a hybrid agent, we do both your loan and your real estate transaction.  When we do that, we provide you with up to half the real estate commission to go towards your closing costs.  

Typically, a 400K home typically allows that agent to give you up to 6K towards your closing costs.  

Houses for sale with no closing costs rebates

Let's just assume you're buying a house for 400K.  If you're using the right mortgage company, your closing costs should not eclipse the $6,000 dollar mark.  Especially if the seller pays for the title policy.  What else is left?  LTI Mortgage does not charge points or processing fees, so that part of your closing costs will be eliminated.  

Not to mention, since we are brokers, the costs area already lower because of the low overhead.  Banks and mortgage bankers have a higher overhead and that overhead get's passed on to the consumer in higher fees and higher interest rates.

The most expensive fee on your loan should be your title fee and possible setting up your escrow account.  On a 400K loan, the 6K Realtor Rebate, should cover it.  If it doesn't, we've in fact got other strategies to help you come to the table with zero closing cots.

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No Closing Costs isn't the only way we get you a better deal. 

At the end of the day, Our Hybrid Agent Program is by far the best deal in real estate.  There aren't too many Realtors that are going to give up half their commission to help you get into a home.  We ask that you test it out.  Call up a few agents at Keller Williams and Century 21 amongst other.  Just ask them if they will give you half their commission to help them purchase a home with no closing cost.  Then call us back and let us know how that conversation went.

No closing costs is only one strategy that we employ with the Hybrid Agent Program.  You could eliminate PMI only putting down 5% as well as buy down your interest rate using the rebate towards closing.  Depending on the size of the home, it could be a combination of all 3.  Buying a house with no closing costs is the simplest of the strategy.  

Once you become a client, we'll get you a Total Cost Analysis and figure out what strategy works best for your financial situation.  

Buy A House With No Closing Costs

Let's just take a look at this last example.  On a surface level; and this is the most basic principle of the Hybrid Agent Program.  Which loan would you like to have?  This example of of the same exact house.  Would you prefer to come to closing with $26,381 or $20,381.91.  What could you do with an extra $6K moving into your new home.  "that's a lot of home depot trips"!

If you're interested in learning more about our Hybrid Agent Program.  Please search Houses For Sale With No Closing Costs using our ==> custom search tool  We'd love to make sure you've got the best deal in real estate. 


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