Save Thousands Using My Hybrid Agent Program.  Watch The Video Below To Lean Why, I have "The Best Deal In Real Estate!"

Social Proof / Case Studies

The Floyd Family

The Floyd Family was able to save over $15,000 using our Hybrid Agent program.  They allowed us to sell their home and help with the purchase a the new one.  Saving themselves over 2.5% in commissions that normally would be in the Real Estate agent's pocket.  

They used their rebate to buy down their interest rate to one of the lowest rates I've ever given to a client.  They don't have to ever think about refinancing their mortgage and will save THOUSANDS over the life of the loan.


Latricia thought the program was too good to be true.  However, she ended up using her Hybrid Agent Rebate of $5505 to pay all of her closing costs on her loan.  She literally purchased her home with the down payment only.  The rebate covered her closing costs.  She also got a super low rate that was much lower than a competitor she had shopped us with.  I'm sure she would confirm The Hybrid Agent Program is "The Best Deal In Real Estate".  

Angie White

Ms. White had a special case.  She was moving to the metroplex and had to find a home fast.  being a 3.5 hour drive away, we had to get creative.  We did video tours and drone shots for her.  She bought her house unseen and relied on our expertise and awesome technology to make sure she found her home.  She also took advantage of our Hybrid Agent Program and used her rebate to go towards her closing costs.  With her moving to a new city, that allowed her to keep money in her pocket and deal with the moving expenses.  Imagine moving to a new city for work, not being able to see the home, and getting your closing costs paid.  We go above and beyond to make sure our clients are Completely Satisfied!

The Hamilton's

The Hamilton's did the ultimate.  They purchased a new home and built it from the ground up.  We went through the entire process of picking out a lot, colors, and everything else that comes with purchasing a new home.  They used our Hybrid Agent Program and got a $6,000 rebate towards their closing costs.  The rate was better than the builder's lender and much cheaper.  This is usually the case as well.  The builder's lender can't compete with our Hybrid Agent Program.  The false credit they show gets exposed in the fees.  Another happy client purchased their home with only the down payment because all the closing costs were covered.  Easy to do when you're a mortgage broker and have super low fees.

The Luna's

The Luna's were an awesome story.  They were told by another lender that they needed like 17K down to purchase a home.  The DPA programs were not an option for them.  They called me and told me their situation and I told them that they were a perfect candidate for the Hybrid Agent Program.  We were able to help them purchase their first home and used a portion of our commission to go towards their closing costs.  Imagine being told you can't buy a home then speaking to us and learning that; not only can you buy a home, you're also going to save a ton of money in the process.  As first-time homebuyers, they had several questions.  We answered each and every one of them and made sure they understood. So glad we could help them purchase a home.